The Ultimate DIY Cheat Sheet!

In today’s age, do-it-yourself projects are very common. Go to any depot or department store and the option is there for you. One of the most common projects that people embark on is installing tiles in their homes. It’s considered a big one and for good reason: it is not an easy project to undertake and finish.

But we are here to help with the ultimate DIY cheat sheet, courtesy of Tilefix Tasmania, the best in tiles and vanities. Contact us today for more information on speaking to them.

Plan Out Your Design

To start off any tiling project in any form, there is no questioning that you have to start from scratch. So that is what you should be doing. You need to look at the room you are planning to install your tiles (kitchen, bathroom, outdoor area, wherever) and then scale it back to get what you want. There is no questioning that you need to do from the very start, so you have a firm idea on what you want and how you want to manage everything in the future.

Prepare Your Area

You can’t just turn up in your kitchen and start ripping off the old tiles and whack on the new ones. That is not how it works. In fact, it works on a different level completely. We are talking about weeks of preparing beforehand so that the area you are going to install your new tiles. You need to prep the room, measure all the angles and slowly take off the old tiles, cabinets, furniture and so forth, before thinking about uploading the new ones.

Get Your Tiles

Easier said than done, but it’s the key part in the whole process. With a firm idea on what you want (as referred to in point one “Plan Out Your Design”), finding your ideal tiles shouldn’t be difficult. What is tricky is the process to ensure that it is in your budget, comes in the amount you need and can be provided to you easily. Always look for a tile provider that can do the job for you. We recommend you speak to Tilefix Tasmania, as they can provide you with all the tiles in Tasmania you need.

Don’t Forget To Waterproof

Finally, when it comes to your tiles, don’t forget to waterproof them. One of the things that many people forget when it comes to installing their tiles is they think its enough to protect them forever. But the truth is, water is one of the biggest factors that can damage tiles, so when it comes to installing your tiles in your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor area or even roof, you cannot ignore the importance of waterproofing them for extra long-term protection.

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