All You Need To Know About Roofing Flashing

Heard about the term roof flashing, but don’t know what it is? Want a quick rundown on what this process entails? Thanks to the experts at Murnane Slate Roofing – the experts in providing welsh slate tiles – we have the key things that you need to know about roof flashing:

What Is Roof Flashing?

In its most basic terms, roof flashing is about protecting the interior of your home from the outside elements – water, heat, dirt, and other stuff. The flashing is applied to all aspects of your roof where there is a chance that these elements can enter it. For all the talk about tiles protecting your roof, flashing is actually more important when it comes to protecting your roof for the long haul. You can learn more about us here about how we can help you.

How Roof Flashing Works

So how this flashing process work for your roof? In layman’s terms, redirects the flow of water around potential openings. It will push water, dirt and more away from these openings by sliding them away and off the roof. Obviously, it requires gravity to work, as the water needs to be guided off. Of course, this varies on where the flashing is installed on you roof and the materials that you use.

Where Will You Find The Flashing?

So where will you find the roof flashing on a regular basis? Here are the most common places in where you will find the roof flashing:

  • A Skylight

  • Underneath the roofing tiles

  • Where the roof meets the outside wall of your home

  • A Chimney

  • Any other locations where there is a chance the roof has an opening

As you can see the field can be pretty broad when it comes to installing a flashing.

What Type Of Materials Are Used For Flashing?

There are a few options when choosing the types of materials used for your roof flashing done. It all depends on what you would like to spend, what type of material works for your home and what works best for your roofing tiles. Here are the most common materials when it comes to roof flashing:

  • Sheet Metal – the most durable and compatible with your tiles. It is the most expensive though.

  • Copper – in the same field as sheet metal.

  • Aluminum – which is easy to form, durable and inexpensive. But it does not have the durable to last for a long time.

  • Galvanized Steel – which come with baked enamel paint finish and will last you a fair while, but doesn’t have the strength of copper or sheet metal.

  • Plastic Flashing – yes this exists, but should be avoided. It might be cheap, but if exposed, will wear down quickly,

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