All You Need To Know About Compost

When you throw things away, have you ever thought about what you can throw in the compost? Whether you are throwing about food, or doing a major renovation, or looking to throw some stuff away, take a look to see what can be composted. Make sure to do your part for our world, each and every person can make a difference. So why shouldn’t you?

When you are composting, there are a few important things to remember. The first is, what do I compost? You can compost a range of different items and articles. Here is a general list in case you are not sure :


  • Food (Fruits & Veggies) / Leftovers
  • Eggshells / Egg Cartons
  • Anything That Comes From An Animal
  • Leaves (Dry)
  • Dead Flowers or Fallen Branches
  • Coffee Grinds

You can compost almost anything that decomposes, anything that will breakdown naturally and won’t sit in a landfill for thousands of years, much like anything that has plastic in it. Anything from leftover onion scraps, the ends that nobody eats on carrots, the stems of broccoli, pretty much any ounce of food that does not go into your body can be put in the compost bin.

The second question people ask is, why should I compost? There are plenty of reasons but the following are some of the key reasons to compost as much as you possibly can that can resonate with almost anyone:


  • Composting Helps The Environment
  • Composting Helps Keep Important Articles Out Of Our Landfills
  • Composting Helps Grow Communities
  • Composting Can Help Grow Your Own Garden
  • Composting Can Help Teach The Next Generation About Conservation

The list could continue, either for personal reasons or logical reasons, there are still enough good reasons to do it! Also, with composting being so accessible available, there is no reason why you shouldn’t at least be considering a life of composting. The best thing about composting is that anyone can do it, whether you live outside the city, inside the city, in a large house, or in an apartment, anyone can compost.

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