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1Kg Virbac Founderguard

1Kg Virbac Founderguard

Product ref: FOUNDGUARD

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Founderguard protects against feed induced laminitis and founder



-      Clinically proven preventative supplement for feed induced laminitis and founder

-      Formulated to ensure delivery of the active drug to the hind gut

-      Allows high grain diets to be fed safely

-      Proven to control the build up of lactic acid in the hind gut

-      Small daily dose, highly palatable



Founderguard is scientifically formulated for:

-      PERFORMANCE – By decreasing the risk of low grade laminitis (often unnoticeable.) FOUNDERGUARD can prevent the onset of this silent ‘performance killer’ and help the performance horse reach their full potential.

-      LAMINITIS MANAGEMENT – Helps with the management of the distressing and potentially crippling disease of laminitis and founder.

-      PREVENTION – World leading breakthrough in the prevention of grain and pasture induced laminitis and founder.

Unique product and the only proven prevention for founder

Has been scientifically developed specifically for the prevention of grain induced founder in horses and is the only product available to prevent this problem.


Allows high grain diets to be fed safely

Studies have shown that low grade laminitis is a common problem among racehorses and could potentially affect up to one in every two racehorses. In many cases these horses are sound and showing no outward signs of a problem. The negative impact of having low grade laminitis is reflected in the returns or prize money that these horses bring home during their racing career. FOUNDERGUARD provides an easy way to get the full potential out of every racehorse reducing the risk of feeding high grain diets and causing low grade laminitis.


Prevents build-up of lactic acid

Bacteria multiply rapidly in the hindgut when excess carbohydrates are consumed. FOUNDERGUARD® controls and prevents the build-up of lactic acid from this fermentation process, preventing damage to the gut lining and therefore laminitis.


Pellet carrier

Manufactured in a fibrous pellet for delivery to the site of action in the large intestine, this ensures that the active can effectively target the hindgut, where the fermentation process occurs and lactic acid is produced.


Founder and low grade laminitis management tool

Plays an essential role in the everyday management routine of horses at risk of founder and low grade laminitis. Can be added to the daily feed as an effective daily management tool.



Highly palatable, FOUNDERGUARD® can be fed either on its own or mixed with feed, as it is readily accepted.



-      Horses on high grain diets e.g. gallopers, pacers, eventers and show hacks

-      Horses grazing lush pastures particularly during spring and autumn when sugar levels in pasture are high

-      Young horses being prepared for sales e.g. high grain-low exercise animals

-      Horses that have suffered from laminitis or founder in the past

-      Horses undergoing a change in diet

-      Horses with seedy toe, white line separation or poor quality hooves



FOUNDERGUARD reduces the risk of laminitis in horses and ponies when fed in conjunction with high grain diets.



Each 25g dose contains:

-      250mg virginiamycin


Directions of use

FOUNDERGUARD should be administered at the full daily dose for at least 3 days prior to any dietary change that involves an increase in grain (starch) or pasture (sugar) intake.

FOUNDERGUARD is presented as a palatable lucerne-based pellet. It can be fed alone or mixed into a feed.



-      Individual horses: 5g FOUNDERGUARD per 100kg bodyweight once daily

-      Bulk feeding: 1kg FOUNDERGUARD mixed into 250kg feed concentrate




-      Introduce the dose incrementally over 4 days starting at 1⁄4-1⁄2 the daily dosage. Commencement at the full dosage may result in decreased feed intake during the first week of supplementation.

-      FOUNDERGUARD can be fed alone or mixed with other feed ingredients to provide 5g FOUNDERGUARD/100kg bodyweight per day (e.g. 25g/day for a horse weighing 500kg). FOUNDERGUARD can be fed once per day or in 2 equal feeds each of 2.5g/100kg bodyweight.The scoop provided contains approximately 25g when loosely filled. FOUNDERGUARD can also be administered by inclusion in complete concentrate

-      rations by thoroughly mixing 1kg FOUNDERGUARD with each 250kg of feed.



-      1kg bucket: Provides 40 x 25g daily doses

             (based on a 500kg horse)