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1 Litre Starane Advanced Herbicide

1 Litre Starane Advanced Herbicide

Product ref: 1LSTARANE

Price: $135.00

Starane Advanced Herbicide contains the active ingredient Fluroxypyr, a chemical which has activity on a wide range of broadleaf weeds. Starane Advanced is classified as a Group I Herbicide, with a mode of action where the weed cannot grow due to disruption of plant cell growth. Fluroxypyr belongs to the Pyridines group of chemicals.

Starane Advanced is registered as a spray treatment for the control of a wide range of Broadleaf Weeds in Fallow, Lucerne, Maize, Millets, Pastures, Poppies, Sorghum, Sugar Cane, Sweetcorn, Winter Cereals. Also for the control of Woody Weeds in Agricultural Non-Crop Areas, Commercial and Industrial Areas, Forests, Pastures and Rights-of-way.

Starane Advanced is a non-scheduled poison that's selective to pasture grasses, rainfast within one hour and has a short plantback period to major crops. As a Group I herbicide, Starane provides a suitable alternative for use in herbicide resistance strategies. Further details of use can be found in the Direction of Use section on the Product Label