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5 Litre Seasol

5 Litre Seasol

Product ref: 5LSEASOL

Price: $56.95

SEASOL - Flowering and Fruit Set: The use of Seasol as an organic plant health tonic significantly improves the benefits of a balanced nutritional program for optimising fruit set and delivering more consistent yields, year after year. - It can be used during times of plant stress. - Seasol treated plants are more able to cope with heat, drought and frost. - It gives plants better resistance to sucking insects and fungal attack. - It makes applied fertilisers more effective. Typical Application Rate: 30ml per 9 litres water every 2-4 weeks. Coverage: 2 Litres covers approximately 100 square metres Seasol is a dynamic plant tonic, however it is not by definition a fertiliser in that it contains virtually no nitrogen or phosphorus. Plant tonics work differently to fertilisers and provide benefits that fertilisers can’t. Seasol is a powerful pick-me-up for your garden and a real friend during times of plant stress. It is a plant booster that promotes tougher more resilient plants, healthier growth, stronger roots, bigger, better blooms and higher yields. Seasol can be used in all gardening situations and at times of the year when using a fertiliser may be inappropriate, for example during winter and at the height of summer. Seasol contains a synergistic range of natural compounds which: - Promote stronger healthier root growth, thereby reducing transplant shock, encouraging tougher, healthier plants and increasing their resistance to diseases which attack the roots. - Enhance flowering and fruiting capacity. - Improve seed germination rates. Seasol contains natural compounds and trace elements which promote thicker, stronger cell walls. Therefore plants are better able to cope with stresses such as heat, drought and frost, as well as some insect and disease problems. Almost every known trace element is found in Seasol so it also contributes to overall plant nutrition. The natural compounds in Seasol also help to increase nutrient uptake, so when fertilisers are applied they are much more effective.