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1 Litre Multicrop Clay Ground Breaker

1 Litre Multicrop Clay Ground Breaker

Product ref: CLAYBREAKER

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Multicrop GroundBreaker concentrate is a soil altering process. It activates soil changes which subsequently increase the activity of bacteria, accelerates the decomposition of organic matter and release otherwise unavailable


It changes hard, dense and boggy soils into open, well drained, friable soil releasing the nutrients already present. Its effect will last for at least one to two years.

If the nutrients do not exist in the proportions necessary, then they must be added, as GroundBreaker is a soil conditioner, NOT a fertilizer.

The diluted solution may be sprayed on existing lawns, trees, shrubs or flower beds and it will not harm or burn living plants or organic matter. Its reaction with the soil is downwards, there is very little lateral movement, and with optimum soil and prevailing conditions can penetrate up to one metre in depth. Its use near steep slopes or embankments should be avoided unless techniques are used to prevent erosion due to its effectiveness in breaking up the soil.




GroundBreaker is ideal for use in garden situations. As it is merely watered over the surface, no digging is necessary or desirable. Hence root systems of established plants are not disturbed. By breaking down hard soil it enables plant root systems to penetrate far more rapidly than untreated soil/clay.



A frequent abuse of lawns is over-watering, which results in soggy surfaces and poor drainage. This often supports the growth of moss. With the use of GroundBreaker the drainage potential is dramatically increased, disease risk reduced and moss killed off due to the absence of surface water. In hot weather it reduces the tendency of the surface to harden or bake over, thereby enabling water to penetrate.



GroundBreaker has been extensively used in NSW & SA in these areas, with dramatic results saving hundreds of dollars in replacing surface areas that are not responding to conventional treatments. The problem of surface water can be eliminated by pouring the concentrate directly into the water and mixing it in. The water will drain and the ground will be freed of surface water for extended periods.



Before planting fill the hole with diluted solution of GroundBreaker, allow to drain, plant the tree or shrub and then treat the infill and surrounding areas with more solution. This enables the plant to establish its root system far more rapidly than untreated soil, thereby increasing the survival rate.



GroundBreaker will not improve high quality topsoil that has good drainage characteristics, but in poor, heavy and clay soils dramatic results have been recorded in crop yield after its use. It will reduce the tendency of soils to crust, crack or bake over thereby better water penetration. In very wet situations it will drain boggy areas, increasing the potential use and viability of the land.



GroundBreaker is normally used diluted in water at the rate of 1:500 for dry conditions and in very wet, boggy soils at 1:100. For wetter soils a stronger solution is required to ensure even penetration of GroundBreaker and to enable deeper penetration. GroundBreaker requires water to be active and to carry it into and through the soil / clay. Soil conditioning is therefore limited in areas that water can access.



Regardless of the type of soil, the same amount of GroundBreaker is used at an absolute minimum of 44 litres per hectare or 5 grams per square metre. Stronger solutions will work more rapidly, but even when these solutions are used it will not sterilise or harm the soil in any way.


The solution can be applied by boom sprays, metering into irrigation equipment, sprinklers or similar methods. It is best applied as droplets; avoid misting or atomising. Follow up watering within 24 hours is necessary to deepen and extend the action as much as possible. Watering for three consecutive days is preferable. If water is scarce or the cost of application prohibitive, rain water will serve the same purpose. However, the reaction in the soil may take a little longer and penetrate less deeply.


Multicrop GroundBreaker® contains 9.5% W/V Buffered Polylignosulfonates. One litre of Multicrop GroundBreaker treats up to 80 square metres of soil.