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500g Racumin Rat and Mouse Bait

500g Racumin Rat and Mouse Bait

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Racumin is a multi-feed rodenticide available in paste and block formulations.Racumin Paste combines vegetable fats and carbohydrates in a way that is exceptionally attractive to rats and mice. Highly palatable Racumin Paste can be used indoors and outdoors in bait stations. Racumin Blocks are formulated as a wax block for better weather resistance. Racumin blocks are useful in damp locations such as sewers or gutters, or outdoor locations where loose grain baits spoil quickly.
Because Racumin is a multi-feed rodenticide, pets and wildlife are less at risk of secondary poisoning. The unique palatability of the soft blocks makes them fatally attractive to both rats and mice. Using the multi feed approach Racumin will kill in a similar timeframe as a single feed bait (3-8 days) without the risk of bait shyness.
Highly effective against rats and mice
Low risk of secondary poisoning
Proven palatability
Multi-feed technology with flexible application
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
AQIS approved (for non-product) areas in export meat establishment