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10Kg Calf Weanaid With Protexin and Moneco

10Kg Calf Weanaid With Protexin and Moneco

Product ref: 10CALFWEAN

Price: $155.00

10KG CALF WEANAID + PROTEIN + MONECO CALF WEANAID with FLAVECO & MONECO is a unique product, which contains the colostrum advantage by minimizing setbacks to growth often associated with the stop-down in nutrient intake when colostrum feeding ends at 3-4 days of age. CALF WEANAID with Flaveco & Moneco has 12 vitamins and 10 minerals to boost the levels provided by whole milk or milk replacer to be comparable to colostrum. The ability of the calf to synthesise some vitamins and minerals in the rumen is limited initially, however, develops rapidly when solid feed is introduced into the ration. FLAVECO with its active flavophospholipol, is exclusively developed for nutritional use. It improves growth rates, and increases feed conversion efficiency in calves. FLAVECO works differently when compared to other performance promoters or ionophores. It is very safe with no toxicity problems as can occur with ionophores, and is not absorbed into the blood stream resulting in zero residues level in meat while being completely safe for farm workers. In addition, it is non-toxic for horses, dogs, poultry and other animal species. MONECO benefits in prevention of coccidiosis by improving a natural immuno-responsiveness to coccidian, and increased weight gains in calves.   DOSAGE & ADMINISTRATION Mix 20 g per calf per day added to whole milk or milk replacer or mix 10 kg per tonne of feed. Use strictly according to directions. The enclosed scoop holds 30 g of CALF WEANAID with Flaveco & Moneco.   CAUTION Do not allow dogs, horses or other equines access to feeds containing monensin sodium. Ingestion by dogs and horses has been fatal. Do not exceed the recommended levels.   WITHHOLDING PERIOD: NIL.