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Parasite Control

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Bayer Kiltix Tic Collar

Bayer Kiltix Tic Collar

Product ref: KILTIX

Price: $13.75

KILTIX COLLAR Kiltix gives your dog fast acting, long term tick control. WHY CHOOSE KILTIX? Kiltix protects dogs against Deadly Paralysis Ticks Provides effective long term tick control that you can see, aiding in the control of paralysis ticks for 6 weeks. These ticks prefer to attach around the head, neck and forelimbs in dogs. Ticks migrating towards Kiltix Collars come into contact with the active ingredient sooner and are repelled and die faster. Kiltix controls Brown Dog and Bush Ticks Long lasting control against irritating Brown Dog and Bush ticks for up to 5 months. Kiltix not only kills ticks, it repels them Kiltix produces the “hot foot” effect, where ticks are repelled before they have the chance to attach to your dog. Cost-effective long term protection that is easy to use Kiltix provides cost-effective tick control for your dog. 
Simply measure the length of collar and trim after fitting. 
The collar releases the active ingredient (flumethrin) as a fine powder which is distributed around your dog’s body and through the coat as it moves.

Use Kiltix in conjunction with Advantage or Advocate or as additional tick prevention with Advantix in areas prone to high tick pressure.