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Virbac Preventic Tic Collar

Virbac Preventic Tic Collar

Product ref: PREVENTIC

Price: $11.50

PREVENTIC TIC COLLAR Preventic is an amitraz collar that specialises in tick control. The Preventic collar is unique as it not only prevents ticks from attaching and feeding on your pet, but it also controls and kills paralysis ticks. Preventic is the longest lasting paralysis tick protection product available on the market. It is the only product available to offer 2-month tick control. Preventic: - Kills and prevents attachment of ticks - Long lasting paralysis tick protection - Ease of use - One size fits all WHY CHOOSE PREVENTIC Kills and detaches paralysis ticks The paralysis tick does not need to bite the dog to be affected by Preventic.The collar kills ticks but it also stops ticks before they have a chance to bite. Amitraz the active ingredient in the collar, paralyses the tick’s mouthparts and inhibits feeding. This means a reduced chance of toxin exposure and therefore a lower risk of toxicity for the dog. Longest lasting protection available against paralysis ticks Preventic kills and controls paralysis ticks for up to 2 months, which is the longest lasting protection available against paralysis ticks. Using Preventic means less stress and fewer applications for dog owners and less risk of dogs being unprotected, due to increased compliance. Ease of use Preventic couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply attach the collar to the dog and the active ingredient will begin to work. Cut off any excess length and dispose of it. One collar fits all, which improves client compliance and makes it almost impossible to overdose.The Preventic collar only needs to be replaced every 8 weeks. WHY DOES A DOG NEED A TICK CONTROL PRODUCT If you and your pet live on the east coast of Australia (from Lakes Entrance in Victoria, to Cape York Peninsula, Queensland) you most certainly need to ensure your dog is protected from the potentially deadly paralysis tick. If a paralysis tick is able to attach and begin feeding on your dog it will inject a toxin that causes muscle paralysis that spreads through the dog’s body. As the toxin spreads the dog will often stop wagging its tail, be unable to bark or swallow properly, become wobbly or unable to walk and, eventually, be unable to breathe and will die. Using a paralysis tick control product such as Preventic 2 month tick collar can save your dogs life. RECOMMENDED FOR USE IN All dogs over 16 weeks of age DOSAGE & DIRECTIONS Fit the collar to the dog so that 2 or 3 fingers can be easily inserted between the collar and the dog’s neck.The collar may irritate the dog’s skin if attached too tightly. - Cut off and dispose of any excess length of collar. - It will take up to 48 hours before the dog is protected (it takes 24-48 hours for the amitraz to migrate over the dog’s body). - Once applied, do not remove Preventic (except while bathing or swimming as water will reduce the efficacy of the collar) since the continual dosage of Amitraz will be interrupted. - Daily tick searches in paralysis tick areas are highly recommended for dogs. - Preventic is recommended for dogs from 16 weeks of age. - Amitraz is toxic if accidentally ingested. Immediate veterinary attention is required. - Reapply a new Preventic collar every 8 weeks.