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500ml Coopers Nilverm Pig and Poultry

500ml Coopers Nilverm Pig and Poultry

Product ref: 500NILVERM

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For maximum efficiency against worms, the drinking water medicated with ‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer must be consumed in the shortest possible time. Water should be withheld from the birds 2 hours before nightfall. The required amount of medicated water is then made available, so that the birds can start drinking it at daylight or when the lights are turned on. Replace the medicated water with fresh water as soon as it is all consumed or after 8 hours. Treat broilers or other chickens raised under continuous lighting by withholding drinking water for 1 hour in summer or 2 hours in winter; and then give medicated water as above. Medicated water remaining in any tanks or reservoir should be flushed out with fresh water when the treatment is concluded.


For best results with medicated drinking water

1. Administer ‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer in the drinkers that the birds are accustomed to using and check that all the drinkers are working properly.

2. Avoid treating on a day when normal water consumption of a flock might be reduced by a sudden drop in temperature.

3. ‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer will not affect the growth rate or egg production of the birds. Nor will it affect the fertility or the hatchability of eggs when used in accordance with directions.


-      Very efficient anthelmintic for both pigs and poultry

-      Convenient to administer in feed (pigs) and in water (poultry)

-      Eggs from treated hens may be used for human consumption

-      Will not affect the growth rate or egg production of birds

-      Will not affect the fertility or hatchability of eggs



Nilverm Pig and Poultry Wormer is effective in pigs against sensitive strains of mature and immature Large Roundworms (Ascaris suum), Stomach Worm (Hyostrongylus rubidus), Nodule Worm (Oesophagostomum dentamum), Lung Worm (Metastrongylus spp.) and mature Kidney Worm (Stephanurus dentatus) (NSW and Queensland only).


DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Restraints Do not treat in extremely hot weather Administration

Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer may be given as a drench or mixed with the feed. The latter method is more convenient on most occasions.

Dose rates for pigs

-      Oral drench: 1 mL per 2 kg liveweight. i.e. 5 mL per 10 kg. Pigs heavier than 100 kg should be treated at the rate of 5mLper10kg

-      In feed: Calculate the quantity of ‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer required and measure out carefully. Thus 12 pigs of 40kg each would weigh a total of 480kg. At a dose of 1mL per 2kg 240 mL of ‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer would be required. Add the ‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry wormer with sufficient water to just dampen the pellets, crushed grain or mash normally supplied to the pigs for one meal and mix thoroughly.

-      In skim milk: Just add the required amount of ‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer to the milk and mix thoroughly.



DO NOT USE less than 3 days before slaughter for human consumption.       



It is important that ‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer be consumed quickly by the animals for best results. To achieve this: Have the pigs slightly hungry by giving a smaller feed than usual the previous evening. Have ample feeding space available.

Treat groups of comparable sizes together to avoid the risk of small or weak pigs not receiving their share of medicated feed.



‘Nilverm’ Pig and Poultry Wormer provides simultaneous treatment of the sensitive strains of the three most important intestinal worms in fowls, turkeys and other birds.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE - Restraints Do not treat in extremely hot weather



Mix with drinking water. Dose rates for poultry



MEAT: DO NOT USE less than 7 days before slaughter for human consumption.