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5lt PowerFeed Concentrate Seaweed (Sample Photo)

5lt PowerFeed Concentrate Seaweed (Sample Photo)

Product ref: POWER5

Price: $49.95



PowerFEED is an organically based fish fertiliser, fortified with additional nutrients (NPK: 14:1.4:9) and blended with liquid humus to produce a highly efficient all-purpose liquid feed with dual action benefits of stronger plant growth and improved soil condition. PowerFEED is processed to provide immediate and extended release, and ongoing benefits to both the plant and the soil.


Features and Benefits:

  • A rich source of plant nutrients, trace elements and amino acids for support of vigorous plant growth and increase root mass
  • Improves soil structure, loosening and increasing soil friability for greater air, water and root penetration – especially in clay soils
  • Increases soil water holding capacity to reduce leaching from sandy soils
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity of the soil, improving the ability of plants to obtain the nutrients it needs
  • Stimulates beneficial microbial activity both in the soil and on leaves. This helps develop pathogen suppressive communities in the soil (or on leaf surfaces if used as a foliar spray)


How it works:

PowerFEED is an efficient all-purpose plant fertiliser that also supports the growth and activity of biological communities in the soil and on plant surfaces. It supports healthy, vigorous plant growth, while also encouraging the development of pathogen suppressive soils.


How to use it:

PowerFEED should be used in conjunction with an existing fertiliser program to maximise the effectiveness of the fertiliser. For optimum effectiveness PowerFEED should be applied 2-3 weeks after transplanting or the commencement of growth &/or before other fertilisers. For use as a soil application via boom spray or irrigation, or as a foliar spray. Power Feed is especially useful for rapidly boosting your existing nutrient program, post-germination support of seed grown crops and pasture, or as an early season foliar spray used in combination with Seasol for induced systemic resistance to stress or disease.


Available sizes: